There's nothing like a dream to shape the future

The Power of Pickle Shed Groups

The Pickle Shed groups are all about rediscovering your identity and planning the next phase of your life.

Each small group (max 9 members) is led by a professional Pickle Shed coach who provides you with the thinking space, tools and support to work through your concerns, review your ambitions, explore opportunities and find new ways to move forward as a working mother. 

The Pickle Shed is the place to pursue your dreams, overcome your fears and make things happen.  

The Pickle Shed Recipe for Success

The Pickle Shed ingredients combine to make an exciting and powerful recipe for a successful transition from home to work.  The Pickle Shed stands out by offering a safe place to redefine yourself and find ways to make work work for you.  All our professionally-led coaching groups provide a unique list of ingredients, including:

  • Teamwork:  to facilitate your  individual development in a small group environment
  • Resource and knowledge sharing:  to empower you and enable you to build your future on firm foundations
  • Group Dynamic: to harness the collective wisdom of the group   generating better more productive ideas faster than one or two people working in isolation
  • A Hall of Mirrors:  to see yourself as an individual in a room of like-minded and well-motivated women
  • Focus: to reclaim your identity at work and home
  • Accountability – to use the momentum and energy of the group to accelerate your motivation and progress

The Pickle Shed One-to-one Coaching

If groups don't seem like your thing, or you can't make the time and day of your nearest group, you can still get The Pickle Shed experience in a one-to-one format. Just contact us and we'll set you up with the right Coach for you.

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